Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Physical Significance of the Salah

There are the five pillars of Islam and Salah is one of them that Muslims offer the Salah in five times a day regularly. The Holy source of right direction is just the Holy Quran and it is specially sent for the guidance of a human. It contains the instructions about life or a complete code of life. A Muslim must follow it blindly and can find the righteous path to spend a happy life. 

Islam emphasizes the on the Holy Quran because it puts on Salah and without reciting the Quran, Salah is incorrect. There are five compulsory prayers which we offer regularly on a day. Now, we let us see the importance of Salah,

Body Carriage Remove 

Nowadays, people complaint about unfitting body posture and want to treatment from the best doctors but, nothing happens. This unfitting is occurred due to many reasons such as all day sitting in the same place for office work or walking style etc. 

But, during the Salah when a person standing in the time of Niyyat which is the best exercise for the body and your body improved and fit. The backbone of a person become strong due to alignment. So, Salah is the best exercise rather than waste your money in the fitness centre. 

Body Blood Flow

During the Salah time, our body blood regulates to all the body parts. The people who have a complaint the blood pressure, Qiyam state help them to keep the blood flow in a normal position. When a person in the state of Ruku, the blood regulates in the upper part of our body and during the state of Tashard blood regulate in the lower part of our body. This shows that how Salah is important in our life.

Neat and Clean

The other benefit of the Salah is, a person always remains in the state of cleanliness because it is the obligatory requirement of Salah to perform it. And Allah also likes the clean person. We safe from many skin diseases too.

So, offer the prayers regularly and make yourself neat and clean always. We are Muslims and Salah are the thing which differentiates us from other religions. Must visit the Holy places of Makkah and Madinah with 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Package 2018 and show the non-believers to how to unite the Muslims and love their Religion Islam which is peaceful.

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