Sunday, 5 February 2017

Attributes of a Believer

There are different titles assigned to different personalities of this world with respect to their religious values, their positional status in the society as well as their empowerment. If you get the study of science you would be called a scientist and if you push yourself toward technology or in the medical field probably you would become doctor or engineer someday. As a result, we can make the conclusion that if you make efforts you will certainly get a reward for that. nothing is useless and with a purpose in this world.

A believer is one who solely declares his faith and firmly holds the eminent positions by having all the essentials of Islam. He acts as the role model in society with respect to their religious values e.g. a Christian will represent the values of Christians, a Buddhist will follow his religious values, and A Muslim will strongly have embedded with his strong believes etc.

A believer in the religion of Islam is one who earns his livings through lawful ways, his insight is good, his appearance is decent and according to the values of society and his behavior is good with people. he hurts no one and has the pure heart. Shows the modesty and chastity in his or her believes, who is fearful about his acts and deeds and who strongly believes in Allah Almighty and the best role model for others.

He always tries to protect others and spread the noble words and virtues in the society. People give him trust and discuss the social and religious issues with him to make reasonable and valuable solutions. He works for the welfare of the society and firm stuck to the teachings of his beloved Holy Prophet peace be upon him. These values are only found in truly faithful and religious personality who know Allah is watching him every moment of his life and have fear of his punishment, in order to be rewarded in the life hereafter. His purpose is to perform the Sunnah of Prophet in every field of life and we should do it as well if we want to be loved ones of Allah (SWT). To achieve perfection in our lives we should visit the sacred place to gain more and more knowledge about our religion and for that purpose, we are providing inexpensive Three star Hajj 2018 packages with group from London with hotel and flight. Let’s walk with us in this noble vision and be a part of this religious act.

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