Monday, 12 February 2018

Are the Small Islamic Virtues Being Important?

The best Religion on the planet earth is Islam which spread the peace, harmony, fairness, equality, brotherhood, cleanliness, equality etc. The Islamic communities are more peaceful than Western communities because Muslims live with brotherhood and don’t involve in the criminal activities. But, the people of other religions more violent and stressed due to their selfishness, no one care others and parents don’t give time to their kids due to their busy schedule. That’s why they are more stressed and depressed persons.

In the Islam, there is a peace everywhere in the communities and societies and Muslims spread the harmony and kindness. But, lack of Islamic knowledge effects on the Islamic rules and people think this religion supports the terrorism. But, the fact is totally opposite, the need at present is to understand the teachings of Islam and be united. Now, let us see the small deeds which are worthy of the sight of Allah., are given below,


Gentleness or Kindness

In the modern era, the best virtue is to kind someone and show your gentleness. This action is powerful and touches the heart of others. When the human born he doesn’t know what is kindness and he just has grown ruthless, but the parents teach him and tell him what is wrong and right. At the end, he picks the points and become a civilized person with kindhearted. Being a Muslims, we must follow the Sunnah because of its habit of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) to kind with others even with non-believers. Allah says the Quran,

“Allah loveth those who are gentle.” (Quran 5:13)

Righteousness or Morality

Why Allah sent down? Is the major question in the mind of Muslims? Yes, the main purpose is to worship Allah and chose the right path. The right path is the Sunnah and Quran which we follow blindly. Allah is given a wisdom and sense to the humans to explore what is right path and why Allah shaped us. Allah Says in the Holy Quran e Pak,
“Do no evil nor mischief on the earth.” (Quran 2:60)


Humans become selfish and arrogant when they succeed in the life and forget that this achievement given by Allah. Therefore, we always thankful to Allah for everything. He is Generous and Merciful.

Allah Says in the Quran,

“Eat of the good things that We have provided for you, and be thankful to Allah, if it is Him ye reverence.” (Quran 2:172)

This shows that small deeds are worthy of the sight of Allah. Must do good deeds and show the non-believers, Muslims are a very peaceful nation and we can show them on the occasion of Hajj where the people come from all over the world. Therefore, must visit the Makkah and Madinah with 4 Star Family Ramadan Umrah Packages and perform your religious duty.

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