Monday, 25 December 2017

The Judgment Day in the Light of Holy Book Quran

According to Articles of Islam, Muslims have faith in the Judgement Day. They know that one day this world will be ended and they will enter into the eternal life. Muslims know that they will be answerable in the front of Allah for their good and wrong deeds. Therefore, they believe in hereafter life. Just forgive your sins from Allah and the best way is to perform Hajj and Umrah with Low Cost Five Star Umrah Deal with Family with Hotel and Flight. If you can afford it. 

The Day of Judgement is a passing day when this temporary world would end. Entire human will move on to their particular position in the hereafter life. Now let us the Quranic verses regarding the 
Judgment Day here,

Trumpet is Blown - Islam

We don’t know when Qayamah will have occurred. Only our Creator Allah is known. The blowing of the trumpet will spot the begin of the Day of Resurrection and it’s when the world, as we know it would end and end to happen. According to the Holy Quran e Pak,

The trumpet is blown and those in the Jannah and those in the earth faint away, apart from those Allah wills. Then it is blown a 2nd time and at once they stand on two legs, seeing on. And the earth sheens with the Untainted Light of its Allah, the Book is put in place, the Prophets and observers are carried, it is definitely between them with the truth, and they are not aggrieved. Every self is repaid in full for what it did. He knows best what they are doing.” (Holy Quran 39:68-70)

Wrongdoers and Criminals Reaction

That Day will be an answerable day for humans. What they have done on the earth. Every person will show the result in front of Allah. Those who performed good deeds, showing good behavior, followed on the Sunnah and Quran, Indeed, they will go in the Jannah. Those who are non-believers and always disobedient to Allah, they will enter into Hell. And the hell is a most dangerous place.  

Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

They will say, unfortunately for us! Who has raised up to us from our place of rest? This is what the All-Generous assured us. The Messengers were telling the reality.” (Holy Quran 36:52)

So, perform good deeds and stay away from the wrongdoings. Indeed, Allah is Great and Beneficial.

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