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Ahkam The Commandments of Allah Almighty

Ahkam The Commandments of Allah

Ahkam is a plural of Hukam which comes out from Arabic language and its meaning is Order or Commandment. This is from reference to the Islamic commandments, it is derived and understood from religious jurisprudence resources. A law, value, ordinance or ruling of Shariah (which is known as Islamic Law). In order to arrive at any new legal creed, or Hukum (Commandment), one must employ a methodical methodology by which to take out meaning from the sources. Traditionally, this methodology has been specified under the rules of Ijtihad (independent reasoning, authentic scholarly try).

In the Holy Quran, Hukum designates arbitration, authority, judgment and, Allah Almighty’s will. Following the passing of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) with no federal legal power in the post Madinah Society of Muslim, the noun obtain new meaning over time, with hokum coming to refer to secular executive rule or to a court decision and the plural, ahkam, referring to particular Quranic rules, positive fiqh rules gained from Islamic legal methodology, and rules or command. In early history of Muslims, the Kharijites declaration to accept only the hokum of Allah Almighty gave the word a political over toned.

Allah Almighty has given so many Ahkam (Commandment) to the Muslims and those are mostly obligatory. Doing Hajj London Service is also known as one of the Ahkam (commandment) it assures us that we will be benefited with it hereafter. In the time of Ramadan, many Muslims fast to make our Allah Almighty pleased with us. It is compulsory and obligatory for us to fast in the whole month of Ramadan.

Offering Salah for the worship of Allah Almighty is also one of the Ahkam (commandment) by Islamic Law. If we offer Salah Allah will be pleased to us hereafter. Zakat is also a part of the Ahkam and it our obligation to give amount from our annual for the sake of welfare of poor people. Umrah Experts cheapest Five star 2018 Umrah package from London with hotel and flight is not an obligatory or one of the serious Ahkam but this we perform to fulfil the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It gives us the both side love first we go to perform Umrah is a sunnah of which will be taken as love for Muhammad (PBUH) and when we reach to Allah’s house it shows the love for Allah.

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