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Fard A Compulsory Act

Fard A Compulsory Act 

Fard is an Arabic word which means religious duty commanded by Allah Almighty (GOD). This word use as “Farz” in Persian, 20 Days 5 Star Hajj Package Urdu and Turkish in the same meaning. Those Muslims who obeys these orders and duties to make Allah Almighty happy. Such people will be rewarded by hasanat, ajr or thawab each time for each good deed or act.

Farz has the synonym known as “Wajib” is one of the five kinds of “Ahkam” into which Fiqh classifies acts of every Muslim. The Hanafi Fiqh but makes a difference among Wajib and Fard, the latter being obligatory and the first one merely necessary. In Indonesian, the word Wajib also means obligatory, from the time when this word derived from Arabic.

Individual duty and sufficiency

Individual duty and fard al ayn narrates to task every Muslim has required to perform, such as Salah (the daily five prayers), Professional Hajj Packages (the pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a life). Sufficient duty or fard al Kifaya is a duty which is urged on the whole group of believers (ummah). The classic example for it is Janaza (the journey to the graveyard of a dead Muslim): the individual is not needed to perform it as long as a sufficient number of group members fulfill it.

Zakat is a fard on every Muslim to perform this deed, because, Allah has made it compulsory for those who earn good amount and can fulfil their utilities. It for welfare of different poor people. Muslim starts to find a needy person from the close ones who need the financial peace and if the donator is failed to find out the person in nearest relation then he can also spent this money someone else who is needy or poor. While Roza is also a fard on every Muslim in month of Ramadan many people fast in their respective towns, cities, countries and continents but few of them are lucky who fast in Haram Sharif while doing Best Umrah Package from London, England which is equivalent to Hajj in the month of Ramadan.

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