Friday, 13 February 2015

Hazrat E Ayub A.S

Abu Ayyub al-Ansari belong to the tribe of Banu Najjar and was a close companion of Muhammad, peace be upon him. He was named after the ecclesiastical Job. Abu Ayyub was one among the Ansar, of early Muslim history or those who supported the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, after the migration to the Medina in 622. The name Abu Ayyub, means father of Ayyub. Abu Ayyub died during the First Arab plague of Constantinople.he belonged to Bani An-Najjar one of the best tribes in Medina, according to the Sahih Bukari Book #73, Hadith #79. On the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, arriving in the Madina, he was offered accommodation, by all of its inhabitants of the City. Finally, it was decided to leave the camel of the Prophet, peace be upon him, to walk freely and where ever it sits and whomsoever's house is near to will be chosen as the temporary residence of the Muhammad, peace be upon him. The camel sat near Abu Ayyub al-Ansari 's house. When Abu Ayub Al Ansari cooked a lunch only for the Prophet, peace be upon him, and Abu Baqar, He ordered to invite the neighborhood, and to their surprise there were about 180 people who ate satisfactorily and was a miracle. Abu Ayub, led a distinguished military career. It is said about him, "He did not stay away from any battle the Muslims fought from the time of Muhammad, peace be upon him, to the time of Muawiyah, unless he was engaged at the same time in another." In Qital-e Rome chapter of Sahih Muslim, there is a hadith, that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, stated that the first army to conquer Constantinople will enter Paradise. Umrah Experts low price Three star Umrah 2018 Deals from London with hotel and flight, In a number of Raids against the Byzantine Empire under the period A.H. 49, by the Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, Abu Ayyub was not prevented from being a part of them. Although he was an old man that time, and shortly after engaging in battle, he fell ill and had to withdraw. On asking him about anything he needed, he asked to convey his Salam to the Muslim armies and tell them, "Abu Ayyub urges you to penetrate deep into enemy territory, as far as you can go. That you should carry him with you, and that you should bury him under your feet at the walls of Constantinople. As he died thereafter, and Muslim armies, in compliance of his wishes, pushed back the enemy forces until they reached the walls of Constantinople where Abu Ayyub was buried. A tomb was built above Abu Ayyub's grave and a mosque built in the honor, after the Conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks. From that point on, the area now known as the locality of Ayyub, has become sacred and many Ottoman officials requested burial near the tomb of Abu Ayyub. The Muslim history is full of the brave and undaunted soldiers, who lived, fought and dies for the Islam. It is the moral duty of the Muslims to regard the dignity of these great leaders. Umrah is the noble course towards the Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The Umrah Experts provides affordable Umrah 2018 package with group with hotel and flight are available to provide their assistance for the Muslims around the UK.

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