Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The rituals of ‘Umrah Mufradah (Isolated)

Performing Umrah is the first desire of all the Muslims, residing in any corner of Globe. The House of Allah, The Almighty, has such an attraction for the Muslims of all the creed color and nature that they can not stop themselves from flying to this Holy destination. There are a number of online agents who are making all the arrangements world widely for making easy the performance of the Umrah rituals. Umrah Packages are offered for the purpose all around the globe.

Ahram the first and foremost ritual of Umrah is to wear Ahram, which is for men, two white pieces of cloth which should be non stitched. Women can remain in an outfit which covers their postures as according to the Satar. Tawaf,  making seven rounds around the Ka‘bah, starting from the Black Stone and ending with it with the sincere intention which can be said, as follows: “I am doing Tawaf of this House seven rounds to seek closeness of Almighty Allah.” It is recommended for him recite the prescribed Du‘as for each round. Salat of Tawaf  behind the Maqam Ibrahim (a.s.) in two Rak‘at like the Chasht Prayer with the sincere intention which may be said as follows: “I am doing two Rak‘at for the Salat of the Tawaf of ‘Umrah Mufradah to seek nearness of Almighty Allah.”  Sa‘i between Safa and Marwah seven times starting from Safa and ending at Marwah with the intention by heart which may be said as follows: “I am doing Sa‘i between Safa and Marwah seven times to seek the of Almighty Allah.”  Halq (shaving the head) or Taqsir (getting rid of some hair from the head or beard or mustache) with the sincere intention which may be done as following: “I am doing halq (or taqsir) for ‘umrah mufradah to seek nearness of Almighty Allah.”  The female pilgrims are only required to do taqsir in order to free themselves from the ihram; they are not allowed to do halq. 

These holy Rituals can be performed more easily by accepting an offer made by the Umrah Package organizers. They are responsible for making arrangements from your home, to back your home. cheap umrah packages from Birmingham, United Kingdom are also being offered for those who have a short budget. Just choose a package from the offered Umrah Package, as per to your need and wish, and rest calm and steady for the performance of your Umrah.

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