Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Why We Do Umrah

Now the thing came in your mind why we perform Umrah? It is necessary for us or not? Is it an obligation on us? Here is Answer of all your questions! Well!! Umrah December we can do anytime according to the teaching of Islam it is also known as minihajj. Yes! It is necessary for all of us if and only if you can bear its expenses, if you can bear and even then not going then it’s not correct, Well It has its own great importance because of the feeling of discrimination finishes. Because during Umrah there are any numbers of people with different areas around the world having different colors caste creed and race and they get together as a single unit and perform all its aspect equal, these gives the sense that every human being is equal in sight of Allah Almighty the white and black people walk and offer Namaz side to side wear same clothes it doesn’t matter the one is rich or poor. These give a sense of equality. All the laws are the same for everyone all the people have to perform all aspects of December Umrah this gives the sense of justices. While performing Umrah a person get to know about the aspects of Hajj and how to perform it gives knowledge of many things. While performing Umrah a person get to know about Islamic histories and stories of people sacrifice their live for Islam and its teaching this thing Renew Our Emman, When we get to know and seeing the places where our holy prophet used to live and stay there we get the feeling of bite fortune that we have seen those place where our beloved prophet used to life. By Umrah, we get to meet new people from different countries which give us much knowledge about what is going around in the universe. Seeing a number of people gather at the same place doing the same things all around the world gives us the feeling if one unit and brotherhood. December Umrah packages with air tickets.

If you wanted to feel all of these things then you must go for December Umrah, I think you got the opportunity and you are denying it then it’s not good you all have the opportunity this month maybe you will be no more next year. Don’t give up these offers and must go for Umrah and see the beauty of Makkah, Medina, Places Where Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) used to life, these are the best thing you are looking for select your package and GO!!!

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