Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Time of the Conjugate Umrah

Umrah is not binding over the Muslims to perform compulsorily in his life time. It has been set on the good will of the Muslims that if they go for the Umrah, Allah will reward them high for that. The trend of performing Umrah is just at the crest now a days. More and more people are equipped to execute their Umrah and many of them book Umrah Experts provides affordable Umrah 2018 package with group with hotel and flight to reach the sacred land.
 The Umrah is mainly of two types, the first which is performed without joining of the Hajj (al‑Umrah al‑mufradah al‑mustaqillah an al‑Hajj), and the other type, which is performed in conjunction with the Hajj (al‑Umrah al‑mundammah ila al‑Hajj). The al‑Umrah al‑mufradah, the autonomous Umrah, all the five legitimate schools’ consent, can be performed at all times of the year, however it is worthy to do it amid the month of Rajab as indicated by the Imamiyyah, and in Ramadan as per the four Sunni schools.

The time of the conjugate Umrah, which is carried out before the Hajj and sometime during the same excursion by the Hujjaj going to the Holy Makkah from the distant nations, by agreement of every one of the five schools, stretches out from Shawwal to Dhul Hijjah. On the other hand, there is difference among scholars about the month of Dhul Hijjah, whether the whole month or just the initial ten days have a place with the Hajj season. Any individual who performs the conjugate Umrah is viewed as appeased of the commitment to perform the al‑Umrah al‑mufradah by the individuals who have confidence in its being required.

 The contrast between the two types of the Umrah can be found quite easily. The Imamiyyah researchers make a condition between al‑Umrah al‑mufradah and Umrah al‑tamattu, referring to the accompanying reasons. They hold that the Tawaf al-nisa is required in al‑Umrah al‑mufradah, not in the Umrah al‑tamattu; and as indicated by a few legal advisers is banned. The time of Umrah al‑tamattu reaches out from the first of the month of Shawwal to the ninth of Dhu al‑Hijjah, while al‑Umrah al‑mufradah can be performed at all times of the year. The mutamir performing the Umrah al‑tamattu is obliged to abbreviate his hair, while the mutamir of al‑Umrah al‑mufradah can pick between shortening his hair or totally shaving his head, which is known as al‑halq.
 The Umrah al‑tamattu and the Hajj happens around the same time, which is not the situation with al‑Umrah al‑mufradah. It is also a rule of the Umrah al‑tamattu, that the pilgrim cannot come out of the restrains of the Ahram unless and until all the rites of Umrah Experts low price 3 star Hajj 2018 Offers with group from London with hotel and flight accomplishes on him. This practice is admitted by the Hanfi and Hanbali school of thoughts.

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