Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Role of Oneness of Allah Almighty in Our Life

The very foundation of Islamic teachings hangs on the Oneness of Allah Almighty. Undeniably, the Being of Allah is One. He is Alone and He has no partner. He only manages all systems of the whole Universe alone. Those who are uninformed, unaware, insensible, always seek explanation about the Oneness of Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty is the only Architect of all beings big & small. The tiny organisms, the fish & all sea beings, the birds, the wild animals, the insects and so on. The Maker of Mountains, Woodlands, Plants, Bushes, Floras, Flowers or a measly seed. The Inventor of the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Seas.

The supporters and true followers do not pursue any explanation regarding Singleness or Oneness of Allah Almighty. They never inquire any query regarding Tauheed and its benefits. During Umrah and Hajj, when Muslims gather at one place in a single color of dress through different Umrah Packages like December Umrah Package, they obviously show Oneness of Allah Almighty.

For example, those who are missing peace of mind or are facing mental issues like frustration, anxiety and unhappiness, they can only comprehend the importance and spirit of peace of cognizance. Those persons who has not practiced any kind of anxiety and stress, they could not sense the spirit and worth of concord. Similarly, if somebody has not observed day light, he will not capture beauty of darkness. Likewise, if somebody does not know misguidance, how it is thinkable to understand and realize guidance and its value in the life of human beings. By put on this reason, one cannot come to know about true essence of Tauheed. When we see a great number of Muslims going for Umrah through different packages regarding Umrah Experts provides low price Five star 2018 December Umrah Deals with family from London, they gather at one place and put on same color of garment and admire oneness of Allah Almighty.

So to comprehend tauheed, one must know about primary Shirk or Dualism. Certainly, The Almighty Allah has clearly clarified the act of Shirk and Tauheed. It is very amazing that subsequently illuminating the modifications in the idea of Tauheed and Shirk so obviously, there are still uncertainties in the opinions of those whose individual accountability it is to eliminate fundamentals of Oneness recognized in religion Islam.

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