Thursday, 9 April 2015

Niyah for Umrah and the Hajj

There are three sorts of Hajj. One is the limited (with no different expectations) which in Hajj phrasing is known as IFRA'D while the Haji is called MUFRID. For this Hajj, the Niyat after the Salam is 
(O Allah! I plan (to perform) Hajj so make it simple for me and acknowledge it as from me. I have made Niyah of the Hajj and have put on the Ahram with it in supreme truthfulness and commitment for (the gratification of) Allah the Most Elevated.) 
The Second kind is having an expectation (Niyat) singularly for the Umrah. After the Niyat pilgrim ought to wear Ahram (for Umrah) keeping in mind in Makkah, he ought to wear Ahram of Hajj. This is known as "Hajj e Tamatt'o" and the Haji is called Motamatt'e. (The exacting importance of Tamatt'o is `utilization', picking up profit or joy and the word Motamatt'e remains for the individual who uses or additions advantage). 
In this (next) kind of Hajj/Umrah the Niyat after Salam is; 
(O Allah! I plan doing Umrah, so make it simple for me, I have done the Niyah of Umrah and I have put on the Ahram for it with due gravity and commitment in the Name of Allah the Most Elevated). 
The Third sort of Hajj is to make the Niyat of Hajj and the Umrah right from the earliest starting point and at this very spot. This is called "QIRAN" and the Haji is known as the "Qaraan". In this the Niyat after the Salam is, 

QARIN. The fourth is he who puts on Ahram with the expectation of Umrah and after Umrah makes himself Halal (without Ahram and free of any conventional obligation). Yet, prior to returning home, he puts on Ahram again and do the Hajj, that year.
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In both these cases, he must recount Labbaik in (perceptible) voice. Persons who put on Ahram are of four classifications. One who wears Ahram just for Hajj, which is known as Mufrad-Bil-Hajj. The other is who puts on Ahram only for Umrah, It is acknowledged as Mufrad-Ul-Umrah (selective Umrah). The Third is one who puts on Ahram both for Umrah and the Hajj (for both, one and only Ahram), identified as
(O Allah! I expect (doing/performing) Umrah and the Hajj, so make both easy for me and allow both from me, I have made mode Niyah for Umrah and the Hajj and put on Ahram for both in due gravity and earnestness in the Name (and for the purpose) of Allah the Most Elevated.)

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